Premier’s Awards for Aboriginal Youth Excellence in Sport

Eagle, Salmon, Raven, Frog, Light

This design embodies the diverse qualities and skillset of an ideal recipient. Represented in the circle are four animals. The eagle is for leadership and the pursuit of excellence. The salmon is for perseverance and connection to community. The raven is for creativity. The frog is for humility and the internal voice that drives them forward. The final element of the design is the circle or ring that weaves the figures together. It represents light, wisdom and the future. It represents the ever changing goals both on the field and in life. Stylistically this design gently stretches traditional expectations of coastal design. It has a contemporary feel but a traditional soul.


About the Awards

The Province of B.C. and the Aboriginal Sport Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council (Partners Council) has collaborated to establish a new awards program to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Aboriginal youth athletes throughout the province.

The Premier’s Awards for Aboriginal Youth Excellence in Sport will recognize athletes who have excelled in performance sport, display strong leadership qualities, are committed to higher education, and who serve as community role models both on and off the field of play.

Youth athletes (under 25 years of age) currently training and competing in performance sport are invited to apply for one of 12 Premier’s Awards (6 male and 6 female), which will be awarded annually.

Recipients will be honoured at a formal ceremony conducted at the 2016 Gathering Our Voices Aboriginal Youth Conference in Victoria on March 21, 2016. Recipients will also receive an invitation to attend a special Aboriginal Youth Sport Leadership Forum that is held annually during Gathering Our Voices.

Nomination Requirements – 2016 Nominations Now Closed

To be eligible for the awards, an athlete must meet the following criteria:

  • Has been a permanent resident of B.C. for the last 12 months
  • Is of Aboriginal ancestry (First Nations, Métis and Inuit)
  • Is currently registered with a B.C. Provincial Sport Organization and/or involved in a Partners Council program (including recognized regional/traditional sports)
  • Is under the age of 25 (born in 1991 or later)
  • Is actively participating in one or more sports (recognized provincial sports as well as regional/traditional sports) and shows evidence of high athletic ability and performance results
  • Demonstrates leadership both on and off the field of play
  • Is committed and dedicated to learning and academics and is actively pursuing or planning to pursue a post-secondary education

Note: Recipients of the Premier’s Awards for Aboriginal Youth Excellence in Sport are not eligible to apply for or receive the award in subsequent years.

Nomination Process

  • Nomination Forms may be completed on online or downloaded
  • Online (this form cannot be saved and must be completed and submitted in one session)
  • Downloadable PDF: PA 2016 NOMINATION (this form can be saved and emailed when complete)
  • Nomination Forms must be completed in full. Incomplete forms will NOT be considered.
  • The deadline for nominations is January 29, 2016 at 4:30 pm.
  • Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Nominations must be received by the Partners Council on January 29, 2016, by 4:30 pm.


Selection Criteria

The Award’s selection committee will assess nominees using the following five criteria:

  1. Sport Achievements — Pursuing and achieving sport performances leading towards podium placements at provincial, national and international competitions
  2. Leadership Qualities — Demonstrating the qualities of leadership, coachability, strong work ethic, and the characteristics of fair play both on and off the field of play, as well as demonstrating a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and to their sport/community through volunteer activities
  3. Education — Demonstrating a commitment to academic studies and continued education
  4. Cultural Awareness — Demonstrating pride in their Aboriginal ancestry and being actively engaged in cultural activities
  5. Future Goals — Demonstrating how their experience in sport is shaping their future

Applicants must not contact members of the selection committee regarding the status of their nomination. All requests for information should be directed to the Aboriginal Sport Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council.

Successful Nominees

Successful nominees will be notified in early March and invited to attend the inaugural presentation of the Premier’s Awards in Victoria at the 2016 Gathering Our Voices Aboriginal Youth Conference, March 21–24, 2016.

Award winners will also be invited to attend a special Aboriginal Youth Sport Leadership Forum, which will be hosted in conjunction with Gathering Our Voices Aboriginal Youth Conference, March 21–24, 2016.

Funding will be provided for each recipient and one guest to attend the Premier’s Awards ceremony. Each recipient will also have their costs covered to attend the Aboriginal Youth Sport Leadership Forum.

Inquiries and eligibility questions should be directed to:

Joe Akerman, Manager Regional Engagement
Phone: (250) 388-5522
Fax: (250) 388-5502
Toll-Free: 1-800-990-2432