About the Healthy Living Activities


AHLA Main PageThe Aboriginal Healthy Living Activities (AHLA) is a provincially funded program designed to bring together community leaders and individuals who are passionate about health and wellness and to promote healthy living in four key areas:

  1. Increased physical activity
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Reduction of tobacco misuse
  4. Supporting healthy pregnancies

In 2011/12, the ISPARC successfully completed its first year as the administrative body of the AHLA.  The five initiatives delivered under the 2011/12 AHLA banner reached over 5000 Aboriginal people throughout the province, and participation levels have steadily increased ever since. To date, the AHLA has delivered 832 healthy living projects, reaching over 28,000 participants across the province.

ISPARC continues to focus on increasing capacity within Indigenous communities and Friendship Centres to develop and deliver innovative, needs-based and culturally responsive programs that are improving the health and well-being of Aboriginal people across British Columbia. The support of our three founding organizations and AHLA partners is integral to creating these successful provincial initiatives.

AHLA initiatives in 2016/17 include:

  • Regional Leader Training Sessions
  • Aboriginal RunWalk Program & HealthBeat
  • Honour Your Health Challenge
  • FitNation
  • Minor Grants for Healthy Living Projects
  • Gathering Our Voices
  • National Aboriginal Day – Community Wellness Events

ISPARC collaborates with partner agencies in the planning and delivery of AHLA initiatives to ensure that Indigenous people are either leading or being mentored as future leaders of AHLA training, program design and delivery.

If you would like more information please contact Robynne Edgar, Director, Healthy Living Activities, Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council redgar@isparc.ca or 250.388.5522 (#225)

For more information on Regional Leader Training Dates and Opportunities, please check here